Declaration under the EDS of the customs representative:
Our company is included in the register of russians customs representatives under the number 1454, which gives us the opportunity to perform customs operations under our EDS in order to perform customs operations.
Declaration under various customs procedures
We submit declarations for goods under all customs procedures based on the Customs Code of the EAEU.
Declaration under the client's EDS:
We help the client to get an electronic digital signature of Alta-soft for customs clearance.
Free consultations
We provide free consultations in the field of customs 24/7.
Refund of customs value adjustments
In case of adjustments to the customs value, we provide services for the return of funds deposited as security for the payment of customs duties. We refund 95% of the customs value adjustments.
Selection of HS codes of the EAEU
We select the HS code for you for free and calculate customs payments even before taking the goods, to calculate your cost price.
We declare cargo throughout Russia
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Т/П Санкт-Петербургский (ЦЭД)
Т/П Балтийский (ЦЭД)
Т/П Северо-Западный(ЦЭД)
Т/П Новороссийский (ЦЭД)
Т/П Центральный (ЦЭД)
Т/П Авиационный (ЦЭД)
Т/П Акцизный специализированный (ЦЭД)
Т/П Энергетический (ЦЭД)
Т/П Московский областной (ЦЭД)
Т/П Приволжский (ЦЭД)
Т/П Уральский (ЦЭД)
Т/П Дальневосточный (ЦЭД)
Т/П Владивостокский (ЦЭД)
Т/П Калининградский (ЦЭД)
Т/П Южный (ЦЭД)
Т/П Северо-Кавказский (ЦЭД)
Т/П Сибирский (ЦЭД)
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