Our company will help you deliver cargo by air in the shortest possible time at an affordable price from various airports around the world.

Aviation logistics is an integral part of the global logistics system, along with other modes of transport. Air transportation is firmly anchored in the production chain of enterprises, as the trends towards globalization and the need for fast and reliable cargo deliveries form air deliveries.

The rules for the movement of goods by air are regulated by IATA (English International Air Transport Association) International Air Transport Association).

It is worth noting that the goods transported by Air are divided into two categories — general

(those that can be transported on standard cargo pallets) and specialized cargo. The latter usually includes oversized and extremely heavy appliances.

Confirmed reservations on scheduled flights are made on a first-come, first-served basis. In case of limited space, management will set priorities.

The schedule of cargo aircraft will be released on the agreed dates. At the same time, the final list of goods is distributed to all interested parties at the agreed local time and day.

The transportation request form must be completed in full and sent to the appropriate employee.

The request must include:

  • weight;
  • volume;
  • sizes;
  • type of packaging;
  • number of items;
  • contact information.

When booking cargo, you can use e-mail, telephone communication, as well as a special form on the website.

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