Our organization carries out the delivery of goods in whole and assembled containers from China in the shortest possible time.
At the moment, the transportation of goods by direct railway trains from China is the fastest growing segment of logistics.
This is the golden mean between the high cost of air transportation and the timing of sea transportation.
The main advantages of railway transportation include:
  • Affordable price. The low cost of delivery of goods is especially beneficial for small companies that have a limited logistics budget;
  • Continuous operation of the railway. Trains run on holidays and weekends, regardless of the time of day;
  • Transportation is carried out under any climatic and weather conditions;
  • Possibility of delivery to any region of Russia. The railway is laid to the most remote places of the country, which allows you to transport goods without using additional transport.
The most effective railway delivery of bulk or liquid cargo, for example, sugar, cereals, grain, vegetable oil. Also, this type of delivery is suitable for transporting heavy equipment, machine tools and other mechanisms.

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