Our company will arrange the delivery of your cargo by sea.
Since our company has a contractual relationship with all major shipping lines, we are ready to give you the best rate.
Sea transportation is the transportation of goods by organized communications on the basis of a concluded contract. Due to the low cost, carrying capacity and efficiency, this type of delivery is popular, surpassing automobile and air transports. Due to the technical improvement of vessels, the versatility of the method is suitable for a company wishing to safely deliver goods anywhere in the world.
This type of transportation is classified by geography, type and mode of delivery. Basically, the division into external and internal routes is used to process the transportation plan. The first category includes movement within one State. The second group is based on sea transport links between several countries and continents.
There are 4 modes of cargo traffic in logistics:
1. Part Cargo – the load occupies part of the tonnage.
2. Full Freight Vessel – loading of the entire load capacity of the transport.
3. Full Container Loading – transit of filled cargo containers.
4. Less Container Loading – sending a composite batch in containers.
There is also a classification by type of cargo:
  • container;
  • bulk;
  • freight;
  • rolling;
  • self-leveling.
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